Experience has shown that Humankind is faced with diverse personalities, and ideologies. Yet, the reflection of each person is seen in his own style of living, as he engages in day-to-day social activities. By nature, the human body is conditioned to want to do more things that are enjoyable to them, either for leisure or the fun of it. However, we can’t exactly say the same for an intentional healthy lifestyle. 

A healthy lifestyle is a practice that requires discipline and extra dedication. They are those intentional contributions we have added to our style to ensure healthy living. It is also a natural thing to feel discouraged when you begin to make those healthy changes, and it might be difficult to stick to them, but living your healthiest life is the best motivation to pursue this successfully. Below are a few tips on ways to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • MAINTAIN A BALANCED DIET –  This is the very first step to live a healthy lifestyle. A good balanced-diet is the bedrock of healthy living. With this, your body will be able to take-in the right nutrients it needs to function well. You stand a better chance of living a risk-free life, either from nutrient deficiency or other sides of a poor quality diet. A balanced-diet is one that contains all the five classes of foods, body supplements, and should be taken on a daily basis. It features a wide variety of food, so you don’t have to limit yourself on repeating the same meal each day. A simple meal plan could help you maintain a healthy diet.

  • CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL INTAKE – Excessive consumption of alcoholic content can lead to weight gain, which can also have negative effects on your health. It is not advisable to completely stop taking alcohol but, the right quantity is ideal. Taking it out of proportion can lead to diseases of the liver and pancreas, it can cause cancer, heart muscle damage, brain damage, and a serious harm to unborn children when taken by a pregnant woman.

  • QUIT DRUGS AND SMOKING – this brings us close to the topic of drug abuse. No one can lead a healthy lifestyle with the constant practice of smoking and drugs in his routine. It is dangerous and life-threatening as well. The case of abuse and addiction are not associated with illegal street drugs alone, it is also the misuse of medicine by taking it when it’s not prescribed by a health practitioner. The dangers of such activities includes: untimely death, exposure to lung cancer, heart disease, slurred speech, poor balance, mental disorder and some body deformity. If you are someone that battles to get better on any harmful addiction, it is advisable to see a doctor. 

  • EXERCISE REGULARLY – physical activity and exercise is another major thing that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. A regular exercise can prevent age-related decrease in the muscle, improve body balance, flexibility, endurance and reduces the risk of getting sick. One who likes living a life of fit can not omit exercise in his routine.

  • ADEQUATE SLEEP – a healthy life routine strongly includes getting a proper sleep after the day’s engagement. This is when the brain relaxes from mental activity and ready to face the next day’s activities. The body can not function well without an adequate sleep, as it give it more time to rejuvenate and repair itself on a cellular level. It recommended to get between 7-9 hours of sleep, on each night.


    Living a life that keeps you in check doesn’t start off easily. You need to keep putting out a foot right after the other. This is typically where the spirit of “I like living” should be manifested.